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A family-owned business, Haida Owned and Operated, Haida Style Expeditions welcomes you to our backyard. Our History, Our Story, we share our culture with you every step of the way. Learn about Haida Gwaii first hand, enjoy a family-friendly environment. Local staff, we offer our guests an authentic experience based on our cultural values and experience living and growing up on Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands).

Haida Style works under the principle of reciprocity. Building a solid community-oriented network, in sharing our experience with others we help to make your stay a memorable one. Working with accommodation providers, partner tour operators, small business owners, artists, and so forth we have the ability to connect you with other like-minded businesses. We source all local product for our tours, helping to reduce our footprint in an effort to promote a healthy environment. It is our hope that in promoting local business that we help to maintain a strong, healthy, vibrant, and sustainable economy on Haida Gwaii.

Born and Raised on Haida Gwaii, the owners, James and Shawn Cowpar (identical twins) bring a combined 45 years of experience in the tourism industry. More importantly, all our staff are fully trained and certified, unique, each offering a variety of experience. Built from scratch, the key to our success is working hard and delivering on our promise of offering a unique cultural experience like no other. Members of the Ts'aahl Eagle Clan, we have had the opportunity to learn from our elders: aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, and family members.

Haida Style Expeditions offers cultural adventure tours and fishing expeditions on Haida Gwaii. Offering three tours in Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve Marine Conservation Area and Haida Heritage Site (Gwaii Haanas) and the West Coast of the Islands (Ts'aahl and Kaisun), guests can enjoy:

1) 30ft Closed Cabin Landing Craft Tour Vessel- ramp access, full head, heated cabin, 8x10 deck for viewing, seating for 12.
2) 28ft Titan Rigid Hull Inflatable- Open Vessel, guests are suited in Helly Hansen Integrated Floater Jackets, Rain Pants, and rubber boots for your comfort. Experience a comfortable ride, panoramic views, while enjoying the luxury of a closed head (washroom).

Currently, we offer the following tours:

Gwaii Haanas
1) K'uuna Llnagaay (Skedans Village)
2) Windy Bay Tour
3)Sgang Gwaay Tour

West Coast of Haida Gwaii
1) Tsaahl-Chaatl Island Tour with the option of visiting Kaisun.

Custom Tours- ability to offer a variety of combined tour options.

West Coast Fishing- 26ft Closed Cabin Hewes Craft (washroom, heated cabin)


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